Devimaana Ashtaanga

During shristhi space comes out of time.Technically time gets defined as interval between two events in space.Before creation when space has not emerged out,parachit exists as Aadhya,the original, Maha Kali.During the creation,this parachit takes form of Shri Lalitha,hence all digits of time are called Kala nithya.

Devi herself pervades everything as kalanitya and these form her organs. Any puja,parayan or japa is incomplete without the use of sankalp. The Ashtang needs to be used in respect of desha as well as kala for the desired sankalp to be complete.The desha panchang is based on the constellations and calculated out as .tithi, nakshatra,yoga,karana, vara.

The importance of matrukas is emphasised hence the necessity of learning the matrukas are of utmost importance.Devi Lalitha is called matruka rupini and throught the parayan of the ashtaanga, matrukas are emphasised.

Out of Shri Lalithas vimarsh came the 36 tathwas.Hence the only way to realise and experience her is through Guru.

The Devi mana Ashtanga is used by Srividyopasakas .The source for this system is found in the, Shaktiyamala, Paramananda Tantra, Kaulikarnava, Tantraraja, Srigarbha Kularnava, Nathakrama patala of Badabanala, Tripurasundari Tantra and works such as Saubhaya Tantra, Saubhagya Chintamani, Dattareya Samhita, Saubhagyodaya, Nitya Kalpa, Nathodaya, Kala Nitya Nirnaya, Durvasa Kalpa etc. The knowledge of Ashtanga is considered very auspicious and important for all Srividya Upasaka as it has various applications. The Devimaan Ashtanga is structured as:

Ghatika: 60 ghatikas each being 24minutes long.

Vasaram: 9 days make a week, each of the nine days have a nath named after it.

Divasa: 4*9 divas is 36 corresponding to the 36 tatthwas as per traipur siddhant.

Din nitya: each day of the month will have 15 nitya,starting from Kameshwari in ascending and descending order not to be confused with tithi nitya.

Maasa: 16 months designated with a Chandra kala or a nitya name.

Varsha: 16 Chandra kala/months make one year

Parivrutthi: 36 tattwa varsha makes one parrivrutthi

Yuga: 36 Parivrutthis make one Yuga.

This is a shakta based calendar and should be learnt from a competent guru.The parayan for purnadikshits are further advised to do further parayan of this ashtangam like,nath parayan,ghatika parayan,tattwa parayan,nama parayan,mantra parayan,chakra parayan etc.

Shri Gurubhyo Namah

Rakesh Vyas (London)