Radio Article # 2 Modern Gujarat on Her Foundation Day

My radio article on the Modern Gujarat on Her 55th Foundation Day on 1 May 2015 on SBS Gujarati. To listen the program live please tune the TV on SBS 2 at 4:00PM to 5:00PM (Perth Time) or on analogue radio tune 96.9FM at 1:00 – 2:00PM (Perth Time) tomorrow (1 May 2015).

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12# Why to Have Great Goals In Life

When a person chooses the great goal in the life, the thoughts,principles etc.start to get great.

Then the person gets influenced less and less by obstacles and problems in the life due to great goals, principles and thoughts.

In the absence of influence of obstacles and having deep sincerity for the goals, the qualities like patience, daring, valour and self-realisation are slowly get cultivated.

Once qualities like patience, daring, valour and self-realisation are developed any perceived unachievable task appears easy.

Success in one difficult task increases the self confidence of the person.

This self confidence escalate the person’s capabilities to the infinite hence the person not only lead oneself but also the society, country and the world by using the continuously increasing capabilities due to one and only the greal goal.

Radio Article # 1 :My Radio Interview about Indians in Perth

My radio interview about the exponential growth of Indian population living in Perth in last 5 years and how they are supporting each other using social media.

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