28# Diwali Wishes

As we all know Diwali is the festival of lights,community love,spreading happiness and family values. It symbolises triumph of light over darkness, truth over falsehood, good over evil, love over hate and happiness over sorrow.

Light symbolises knowledge and darkness is ignorance. To remove ignorance, sorrow, hate, evil and falsehood from life the ultimate light is gyan yog (knowledge),karma yog(devotion and wholeheartness towatds your duty) and bhakti yog (devotion and love towards divinity created by Ishwar).

As everyone knows when Bhagvaan Ram returned to his homeland Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, people rejoiced and created the lines of earthern lamps across his kingdom to welcome him and appreciate his sacrifices for his duty towards his kingdom. Bhagvan Ram also delighted to see his family and his people after such a long time and the festival called Dipawali ( literally mean lines of earthern lamps).

Dipawali teaches us to spread happiness,love and family gatherings, Uplifting the disadvantaged section of society, Protecting the unprotected ones, Teaching the uneducated ones, Empathy for those who are unable to speak for themselves.
My sincere request to you all to celebrate your Diwali at your native place where your family lives. Atleast spare just few days to see them all and celebrate in the festive season together rather than going on holidays outside of the hometown(which is a fashion in Gujarat these days). Celebrating together is real happiness regardless of the location.

Happy Dipawali to all divine souls in this world who have a love,care and compassion for entire universe.