The Great Australian Dream#1

On The Airport

That was the day of 05 August 2008, At Ahmedabad International Airport, A newly wed couple was flying for their great Australian dream at 11:40pm flight to Melbourne via Singapore. As an Indian custom around 70 to 100 relatives came to bid a farewell to the couple.The relatives were feeling that possibly they won’t see the couple coming back in the future.They all were sad. All those memories of years spent together with parents, grandparents, uncles-aunts, cousins, friends and colleagues would get missed in very unknown place to them which may be culturally different as well as linguistically too.Raghav and Janki were never been to overseas . With the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety it was difficult to separate from family as specially for Raghav from his mother as he recently lost his father but financial circumstances were such that going Australia for earning money was an only option for them. The strong widowed mother Uma stayed calm and kept smile on her face but when Raghav and  Janki started to leave for final entry into the gate of the airport, Uma just broke down into tears and so Radha and Shyam- The parents of Janki. Uma is having a thought of her passed away husbad’s dream. The couple could see misty-eyed relatives wishing all wellness and progress. The separation was not from one side that was from both sides. Raghav’s only one paternal unlce came to say goodbye to him. He could imagine his mother’s lonelyness without her sons.

“Whether my paternal uncles and their families will help to sooth my mother’s separation from us, I think no.” Raghav is having his final thoughts, ” Then why we are going? Is it worth? Would we be ever able to come back? ” He suddenly start to remember his relatives words to keep him stay there while they were visiting him at their home. Some said “You have very good job and you bought a new house here regardless it is on loan.” and some said “What will your mother do?” Raghav was just getting dragged back with these thoughts.

Suddenly he heard a voice from his soul saying ” Don’t run away from your responsibilities, go overseas and support your family even though you are in a pain. That was your father’s dream.”

He firmly kissed Uma and Janki bowed to the parents and mother-in-law and both rushed away into the airport to hide their misty eyes. There was an excitement too for new future, new opportunities, new dreams which will wash away their financial problems and will appreciate their abilities. They left all the memories and loving relatives behind for a future they didn’t imagined. End of an era of Raghav for his life in India. No one knows future.

Gujarati poem line was best fitting lines for Raghav’s situation “Na Janyu Janki Nathe Kaale Shu Thavanu Chhe” literally translates “Janki’s husband Lord Rama didn’t know what is going to happen tomorrow”.


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25# માનસિક ગુલામીમાંથી મુક્તિનો સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ

​નીચેના ઉદાહરણો ફકત ટીખળ માટે ફરતા થયેલા છે પરંતું તેંમા થોડી સચ્ચાઈ છે કે આપડા મહદંશે ભારતીયો ૩૦ વરસ પેહલા સુધી આ બધા સહજ ઉપલબ્ધ વિજ્ઞાન નો ઉપયોગ કરતા હતાં, જે હવે repackaged થયી ને આપણને પીરસવામાં આવે છે જેનો હોંશે ને હોંશે આપણે ઉપભોગ કરીએ છે. મર્મ સમજ્યા હશો એવી અપેક્ષા રાખું છું. ભારતીય સંયુક્ત કુટુંબપ્રથા,યોગ,ધ્યાન,આયુર્વેદ,ખાનપાન ની રીત પર આવી જ રીતે જુનવાણી વિગેરે આક્ષેપો લાગેલા છે ૧૮ મી શતાબ્દીમા અને અત્યારે જ્યારે આપણે પશ્ચિમને એમા જોઈએ એટ્લે ગર્વ લઇએ છીએ. ગુનેગાર આપણેજ છીએ પરંતું એનો મતલબ એ નથી કે આપણે કઇ જાણતાજ નહોતા ખાલી આપણી વેચાયેલિ માનસિકતા એ લઘૂતાગ્રંથિમા આખા સમાજ ને મુકી દીધો છે. આ માનસિક ગુલામી માંથી મુક્તિ મળશે એટલે સાચા અર્થમાં મુકત કહેવાઇશુ. જય ભારત.

17 # Happy Festive Season of Diwali

Remember those days, when we were excited about vacation, new clothes, lots of crackers, sweets and meeting our friends,cousins and relatives in Diwali. Never realized those were golden days. You always miss your family in the festive season because festival is all about smell of the land, vibrancy of the atmoshere in society, family gathering and love. Happy virtual Diwali to all. I remember old Gujarati Diwali wish on these days…..

પ્રભુ એટલું આપજો કુટુંબ પોષણ થાય ,
ભુખ્યા કોઈ સુવે નહિ , સાધુ સંત સામાય.

Oh God! Give us enough that I can nurture my family and help the needy.

અતિથિ ભોઠો નવ પડે , આશ્રિત ના દુભાય ,
જે આવે મમ આંગણે , આશિષ દેતો જાય .

Guests are always welcomed and dependent never feel hurt, We get blessings from anyone comes to our place.

સ્વાભાવ એવો આપજો , સૌ ઈચ્છે મમ હિત ,
શત્રુ ઈચ્છે મિત્રતા , પાડોશી ઈચ્છે પ્રીત .

Give us the disposition that everyone wishes our wellbeing, my enemies yearn my friendship and neighbors wish love.

વિચાર વાણી વર્તને, સૌનો યાચું પ્રેમ .
સગા , સ્નેહી કે શત્રુનું , ઈચ્છું કુશળ ક્ષેમ. ”

By thoughts, speech and behavior I wish for everybody’s love and I pray for wellness of relatives, loved ones and even enemies.

મારા સૌ મિત્રો ને , દિવાળી ના તહેવારો ની હાર્દિક સૂબ કામનાઓ …….

To my all friends we are heartily wishing a happy diwali festive season.

આપ સૌ ના જીવન માં ખુશી ના દીવા સદાય ને માટે પ્રજ્વલિત રહે .

The lamps of happiness always light up in the lives of you all.

15 # On the Day of Krishna Janmasthami

The character of Krishna is mesmerizing Indians from at least last 5000 years because of his completeness as a human with his divine qualities.

He born in the royal family but became the king maker rather than the king himself. Faced problems every single moment in his life since birth but always smiled, always accepted what life has gave him, even the curse of his own family destruction.He always thought and cared about humanity as a whole. He took clear stand on which side he should be in the Dharm Yuddh (War of humanity). He had his all the actions for wellbeing of others yet never sought any validation from the world. He sang a song of wisdom called Bhgavad Gita for others yet never tried to impose his thoughts on anyone.

Tonnes and tonnes of paper can be used to write about him. One day by his grace and wisdom, I also will write about him with my tiny understanding.

Today these few words are to get Krishna born within all of us.


When we say “Krishna Janmasthami” that really should mean let Krishna’s divinity and wisdom be born within us,

Let us make this world peaceful and worth living in so do our inner peace,

Let humanity and love be florished in the world so in every individual,

Let’s win over our lust, anger, attachment and greed,

Let’s be kind to every element of the universe by not disturbing it’s natural integrity.

May all be happy, healthy, look good and there will be no sorrow in the world.

Happy Krishna Janmasthami to whole world.

Radio Article # 7 Vox Pops by Australian Gujaratis on Patidaar Andolan

રેડિયો અંશ # ૭

તાજેતરના પાટીદાર આંદોલન વિશે પશ્ચિમ ઓસ્ટ્રેલિયામાં રહેતા ગુજરાતીઓના પ્રતિભાવ સાંભળો આ અંશમા.

મારો રેડિયો અંશ સાંભળવા નીચેની લીંક પર ક્લિક કરો

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13 # Chanakya Niti: Fruitless Acts



“One, who try to teach the fool disciple; nourish and protect the wicked wife and keeping the close relationship with the depressed one, will be at pain regardless of being Pandit (Wiser).”

Chanakya is trying to highlight the importance of fruitless acts which may cause you the pain here.

The fool person described here is about the dumbness of the disciple but this is more about the unwillingness to change oneself and negligence towards the acquisition of the knowledge surely gives the pain to one’s teacher or Guru because if one who is not willing to learn, how could anyone teach to oneself. It will just increase the pain of the person who tries to teach disciple but he can’t because disciple doesn’t want strive for it which will fill the heart of even very wise person with guilty of not teaching the disciple properly.

The wicked wife, who shows no love, dedication and sacrifice for the household then surely she will cause a pain to even a wise householder. The love comes with care, dedication with commitment and sacrifice with empathy. If wife doesn’t care about the family, how family will survive as the woman can do multitasking and she was considered the mother goddess of the house in ancient India. If she doesn’t have commitment towards the home for nurturing the family then how can family be happy and grow it should be grown. If she is not willing to forego her personal passions for family good then how can she will understand the value of controlling the streamlining passions for the family good which will eventually be her fortune too. Absence of these important qualities for cohabitation will lead the wise person’s house to the insensitive cohabitation and eventually cause intense pain to even wise person.

The depressed person mostly spreads the depression as the personal filled with negativity and no hopes. He doesn’t trust himself or someone else. Helping the depressed one with material things like money and food does not last for long until internal transformation happen which is hope and blissfulness. If one stays with the depressed one the repetitive negativity will affect the wise person too. Constantly being in contact with such a person will lead to initial few random negative thoughts then he starts to contemplate on those negative thoughts which prevent the person to think in the positive perspective of the matter. This state of mind leads a wise person to the depression and hence pain.


Radio Article # 5 Bloodlines of Martyrs of India

રેડિયો અંશ # 5   ભારતના ૬૯મા સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસમાં પ્રવેશ વેળાએ,આપણે છાતી પર હાથ મુકીને પૂછવાનુ છે કે આપણે શું કર્યુ દેશ માટે અને શું કરી શકીએ.૧૮૫૭—૧૯૪૭ ના સ્વાતંત્રતા સંગ્રામના શહીદો માટે થઇ રહેલા કાર્યોની વાત.                  
Listen my radio segment about Shivnath Jha doing the work for families of martyrs of 1857-1947 freedom struggle on 14 August 2015 on SBS Gujarati.                                                  
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Radio Article #4 An interview of an Indian Gujarati living in Tropical North Queensland

રેડિયો અંશ # 4  વિષુવવૃતીય ઉત્તરીય ક્વિન્સલેન્ડ માં રહેતા ગુજરાતી સાથેનો  સંવાદ

Listen my radio segment about an        interview of an Indian Gujarati living in Tropical North Queensland on 24 June 2015 on SBS Gujarati.                                                  
મારો રેડિયો અંશ સાંભળવા નીચેની લીંક પર ક્લિક કરો
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Radio Article # 3 Marine Archeological Study of Dwaraka

મારો રેડિયો અંશ # ૩  મહાભારતની ડૂબેલ દ્વારીકાનો સામુદ્રિક પુરાતત્વીય અભ્યાસ

Listen my radio segment about  Marine Archeological Exploration about Dwaraka of Mahabharat time    on 20 May 2015 on SBS Gujarati Radio.
મારો રેડિયો અંશ સાંભળવા નીચેની લીંક પર ક્લિક કરો
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