The Great Australian Dream#1

On The Airport

That was the day of 05 August 2008, At Ahmedabad International Airport, A newly wed couple was flying for their great Australian dream at 11:40pm flight to Melbourne via Singapore. As an Indian custom around 70 to 100 relatives came to bid a farewell to the couple.The relatives were feeling that possibly they won’t see the couple coming back in the future.They all were sad. All those memories of years spent together with parents, grandparents, uncles-aunts, cousins, friends and colleagues would get missed in very unknown place to them which may be culturally different as well as linguistically too.Raghav and Janki were never been to overseas . With the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety it was difficult to separate from family as specially for Raghav from his mother as he recently lost his father but financial circumstances were such that going Australia for earning money was an only option for them. The strong widowed mother Uma stayed calm and kept smile on her face but when Raghav and  Janki started to leave for final entry into the gate of the airport, Uma just broke down into tears and so Radha and Shyam- The parents of Janki. Uma is having a thought of her passed away husbad’s dream. The couple could see misty-eyed relatives wishing all wellness and progress. The separation was not from one side that was from both sides. Raghav’s only one paternal unlce came to say goodbye to him. He could imagine his mother’s lonelyness without her sons.

“Whether my paternal uncles and their families will help to sooth my mother’s separation from us, I think no.” Raghav is having his final thoughts, ” Then why we are going? Is it worth? Would we be ever able to come back? ” He suddenly start to remember his relatives words to keep him stay there while they were visiting him at their home. Some said “You have very good job and you bought a new house here regardless it is on loan.” and some said “What will your mother do?” Raghav was just getting dragged back with these thoughts.

Suddenly he heard a voice from his soul saying ” Don’t run away from your responsibilities, go overseas and support your family even though you are in a pain. That was your father’s dream.”

He firmly kissed Uma and Janki bowed to the parents and mother-in-law and both rushed away into the airport to hide their misty eyes. There was an excitement too for new future, new opportunities, new dreams which will wash away their financial problems and will appreciate their abilities. They left all the memories and loving relatives behind for a future they didn’t imagined. End of an era of Raghav for his life in India. No one knows future.

Gujarati poem line was best fitting lines for Raghav’s situation “Na Janyu Janki Nathe Kaale Shu Thavanu Chhe” literally translates “Janki’s husband Lord Rama didn’t know what is going to happen tomorrow”.


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19 # Festive Season Of Christmas in Australia

Being in southern hemisphere Australia has bright yellow generally hot Christmas season, which is mainly liked by most Australians because everyone can go to the beach almost everyday in their holidays season. Having surrounded by lovely and clean seacoast, Australia is considered the luckiest country. As a culture, Australia has added its own flavour to the Christmas in the summer like outdoor family meals , the cherry fruit for the Christmas, Santa with shorts only, cold beers etc. It will be great if the new generation will value the importance of family get-together and community festival spirit.

What we have observed is the excitement for the festival, compulsory buying gifts for the loved ones, having family meals especially Christmas eves or on Christmas day. Even those who don’t have immediate family call friends for the meals. The spirit you can feel in the air. I have seen few family friends’ houses having little Christmas tree surrounded by more than dozen gifts even though they don’t have any family in Australia. You can Santas everywhere starting from schools to malls toworkplaces or even on streets. In this excitement, some people may have been struggling and some organisations like Salvation Army and Smith’s Family providing the gifts to the disadvantaged families.


In some streets people sit outside of their beautifully decorated and lightened houses attracting kids and adults, distributing lollies and chocolates . People walking on the streets in the evening with family to see the decorated houses with Santa, Ice-man and other lovely characters saying “Hello” to them. Kids are having a best fun. How wonderful it is, you can imagine.


 Here in Australia, we have Santa comes in shorts surfing on the board. The community excitement and sensation for the festive season is unbelievable however young generation still need to be more responsible about drinking and following traffic rules.

Sunny Perth had 30 degree max temperature on the Christmas Day and I had a thought about this blog from Sorrento Beach near Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Wishing you all a very happy,sunny and safe Christmas and New Year !!!!

Ho !!! Ho!!! Ho!!!

Radio Article # 6 Re-Immigration Story

Radio Article # 6
Listen my radio segment on SBS Gujarati today 19 August 2015 about the Gujarati person re-immigrated to Australia after living in India for two years.

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3# Indonesia Appreciating Her 10000+ years Old Rich Heritage

Being in Bali(Indonesia) in mid October 2014, I have realised that Indonesia is more secular, culturally and socially tolerant than Indian subcontinetal countries.

The Arjun, Karna, Krishna and other Mahabharata  and Ramayana incidents’ statues and paintings at/on major roundabouts/circles of the roads,public places, government offices, some of the old currancy notes and all over the places.

Indonesia respect her heritage more than India(psudo secular) as a country. I am feeling more Indian in Bali (Indonesia) than India.Why can’t India as a republic country respect and feel to be proud of it’s 10,000+ year old heritage in public.