Best of the Best

Among the names Lalitā is the best. Among the mantras, Shreevidyā is the best. And in Shreevidyā , the Kādividyā is the best(Sri Vidya Pashupat Kashi Parampara is Kadi Vidya). The Sreepura is the greatest among cities; among the Shreevidyā Upāsakās, Paramashiva is the prime devotee. One is attracted to Shreevidyā only in his last birth. Those who take to this worship will have no more births. It requires an extraordinary merit to get initiated in Shreevidyā. Can anyone see objects without vision or assuage their hunger without taking food? Similarly, no one can attain Siddhi, or please the deity, without the help of Shreevidyā.


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