22# Suicidal Society or Social Failure

Reading few young aspiring and talented girls and boys are committing suicide. Few bitter questions to be asked to our society:

1 Why is anyone had to commit suicide?

2 Is that only depression derived from our materialistic society?

3 Are we asking or supporting such people who are struggling in their lives?

4 How hard it would be for someone to kill oneself?

5 Are we just giving our numb emotions as an excuse to hide our failures as a society?

6 What competition are we doing? Where we want go with such speed which is leaving young and talented generation into stress hole.

Perhaps our selfish answers are,

A. Why we care ? I have everything why should I care about what is going in someone’s life?

B. It is his/her failure.

C. Not competitive enough.

D. Can’t handle the stress/pressure.

F. We have enough problems so we will spread negativity to others.

Try to answer the questions honest selfless answers for the problem. Please be sensitive and sensible. World has enough emotionless people.

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