Awakening Shakti

Kundalinili (Shakti) desires to meet Pure counciousness (Lord Shiva) hence move faster after few Chakras are pierced. First two – Muladhar and Swadhisthan are hardest to get pierced because it is very basic Pashu instincts of security, food, family, friends etc. Pure counciousness (Shiva state) can’t be achieved without Shakti.

मूलाधारैक निलया, ब्रह्मग्रन्थि विभेदिनी ।

मणिपूरान्त रुदिता, विष्णुग्रन्थि विभेदिनी ॥ 38 ॥

आज्ञा चक्रान्तरालस्था, रुद्रग्रन्थि विभेदिनी ।

सहस्राराम्बुजा रूढा, सुधासाराभि वर्षिणी ॥ 39 ॥

-Lalita Sahastranamam Stotram


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