Puja to Stotram to Japa to Dhyana to Laya

PujA koti samam stotram stotra koti samo japah, japa koti samam dhyAnam, dhyAna koti samo layah

1 crore pujA is equal to a stotram,
1 crore stotram is equal to a japa,
1 crore japa is equal to a dhyAna,
1 crore dhyAna is equal to a laya (absorption in the Goddess)

PUjA nAma na pushpAdyairyA matih kriyate dridhA
nirvikalpe mahAvyomni sA pUjA hyAdarAllayaH

Worship is not merely offering flowers and other rituals. Instead it consists in putting one’s heart on that highest space of consciousness which is beyond all false thoughts and speculations. Worship is the dissolution of the individual self with perfect ardour. Dissolution of the individual self in the supreme self, ShrI LalitA.

The 8 Goddesses of Speech residing in the ShrIchakra glorifies ShrI LalitAmbikA ParAmbA as Layakari, the One by whose mercy laya is possible. Only by Her will and grace one can be dissoluted and be absorbed into Her.


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